About SM Marble

About Santamargherita Marble

Santamargherita Marble surfaces offer the charm, elegance and glamour of natural stone.

Santamargherita Marble is the original marble based engineered stone and has proven itself as one of the most functional and practical building materials available in todays market. Carefully selected natural marble chips and powders are mixed with thermoset polyester resin in a high-pressure environment and processed with the latest Breton technology to create collections that make any setting unique and exclusive. The resulting precast material is ideally suited to interior design and makes it easy to achieve a unified look across countertops, tile floors, wall cladding and mosaics. Santamargherita Marble exhibits consistent beauty throughout the space, whether in a bathroom, a living room or a commercial environment.

Santamargherita Marble gives a contemporary interpretation of the timeless look of stone, available in different color nuances and particle sizes, expertly blended to give a touch of sophistication to any environment. The uniformity of color, dimensional stability and high resistance to abrasion, shock and flexing make Santamargherita Marble ideal in both residential and commercial environments.

About Santamargherita Quartz

Elegant and resistant, Santamargherita Quartz is the ideal surface for high traffic and everyday use.

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