For natural stone

Verona Marble SEAL provides excellent stain protection on natural stone, tile, concrete, terrazzo and grout. It will greatly reduce oil and water based stains without changing the original appearance of the stone. Can be used for interior or exterior applications. Water-based.


  • 1. Do not dilute. Ensure cap is closed and sealed, and shake well before use.

  • 2. Ensure the area to be treated is clean and free of debris. Always protect cabinets and adjacent areas.
3. Do not apply using a trigger spray bottle. Pour a liberal coat of SEAL directly from the container onto the surface to be treated. Spread evenly using a brush, foam roller, rubber gloves or paint pad.
4. Allow sealer to dwell for 5 minutes or longer, until sealer has completely and evenly penetrated the stone surface. The time span of penetration is dependent on the porosity of the stone (granite and quartzite are less porous and take longer, while marble is more porous and takes less time). The edges of the stone will reveal progress of the liquid penetrating through.
5. During this time, keep the surface wet with sealer by adding more sealer as needed. If excess sealer begins drying before 5 minutes, wipe it off. DO NOT ALLOW SEALER TO DRY ON THE SURFACE.

  • 6. Should a sealer residue appear, rewet the impacted section of the surface with sealer. Agitate the surface with a white nylon scrubbing pad to loosen residue and wipe dry with a clean towel.

  • 7. A second coat may be needed for more porous, absorbent surfaces such as grout joints, concrete, limestone and travertine. If a second coat is required, it should be applied within 30-40 minutes of the initial application as directed in steps 3-5.

  • 8. Once the sealer has completely and evenly penetrated the stone, remove excess with a clean, dry cloth or paper towel until surface is dry. Darkened stone will dry and return to original appearance.
9. Full cure is achieved in 24 hours, although surface may be used 6 hours after application.


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