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Natural Marble is a timeless and classic stone that has been used as countertops for many years. The flowing veins and natural beauty fit into just about any style or decor. Ideal for bathrooms.


Granite is typically one of the most affordable stone countertop options and is readily available. Ideal for most applications, including exterior settings.


Quartzite is generally heat and scratch resistant but other impurities found in many Quartzites, can sometimes make them less durable than natural granite. Ideal for kitchens.


Santamargherita Marble exhibits consistent beauty throughout the space, whether in a bathroom, a living room or a commercial environment. Ideal for bathrooms and interior well caldding.


Elegant and resistant, Santamargherita Quartz is the ideal surface for high traffic and everyday use. Ideal for kitchen, bath or other interior applications.

Type of Application:

C.O.D Account Requests

Company Information

Individual/Company Name: Verona Marble Company
Type of Company: Partnership
Est. Gross Sales This Year: $1,000,000,000,000.00
Federal Tax Number: -
Sales Tax Exemption Number: -
Sales Tax Exemption State: -

Contact Information

Office #: (214)381-8405
Fax #: (214)381-8333
Accounts Payable Contact: Shelly Garnett
Accounts Payable Extension #: Ext. 113
Accounts Payable Email: sgarnett@vmcstone.com
Receive Electronic Invoices: Yes
Receive Paper Invoices: No
Purchasing Contact: John Ganster
Purchasing Contact’s Extension #: Ext. 112
Purchasing Contact’s Email: jgansterjr@vmcstone.com
Marketing Email Opt-In: Yes

Address Information

Bill to Address: 4879 Olson Drive Dallas, TX 75227
Ship to Address: 4904 Olson Drive Dallas, TX 75227
Shop Hours: 8am-5pm
Notes for Delivery Driver: 11am-1pm limited personnel
Shop Has Overhead Crane: Yes
Shop Has Forklisft + Boom: Yes
Shop Has Receiving Dock: Yes

Accompanying Documents

Upload 1 (Business Card): VMC_BusinessCard.jpg
Upload 2 (Tax-Resale Certificate): VMC_Resale.pdf
Upload 3 (Other Document): VMC_Consignment.pdf

C.O.D. Account Agreement

We strive to maintain long-term relationship with our clients. In order that the long-term relationships may be maintained and remain trouble free, we have found it best to emphasize our COD account practices at the outset.

The company seeking COD terms (the “customer”) and any guarantors agree to the following terms and conditions of sale:

1. Terms of sale, including sales price and payment amount are stated on the delivery documents. All accounts must be paid in accordance with those terms. Accounts not fully paid within the stated terms will accrue interest from the due date at the annual rate of eighteen (18%) percent (1.5% per month).

2. If an account becomes delinquent, COD shipments will be automatically terminated and the delinquent customer placed on hold.

3. As a last resort, collection action sometimes becomes necessary. If an account is submitted for collection, the customer agrees to pay origianl sales amount along with all expenses incurred, including reasonable attorney fees. Customer can avoid additional expenses by complying with sale terms.

4. All charges for goods and services are payable in U.S. currency in Dallas, Dallas County, Texas. The laws of the State of Texas shall apply to and govern all sales. This agreement is performable in Dallas County, Texas.

5. A security interest is retained on all goods delivered until payment in full is received.

6. No goods may be returned for credit except following written authorization in which case a restocking charge will be imposed at twenty five percent (25%)
of the gross sales price.

7. Installation of goods constitutes acceptance for all purposes. Neither the seller nor the manufacturer will be responsible for claims of consequential damage,
which may result from the purchase, or use of goods.

8. Payment for goods or services with any form of non-negotiable or insufficient funds checks will be prosecuted unless payment in U.S. cash or Cashier’s Check
is received within ten (10) days together with a $45.00 service charge.

9. Appropriate venue herein shall be Dallas, Texas for any disputes in any manner arising out of or in any manner involving the validity or construction of this
agreement, or the performance of the parties pursuant to the terms and conditions of this agreement, or involving the resolution of any and all controversies,
claims, or causes of action arising under or pursuant to any of the terms or conditions of this agreement.


Should you have any questions regarding our policies or any invoice received please call our customer service line at 214-381-8405.

we appreciate your business.

Applicant has read and agreed to abide by the Account Agreement’s Terms & Conditions: Yes

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